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About us

About us

The company Aktivna Signalizacija Korun d.o.o. was established in 2012 born on the basis of our own unpleasant experience at an intersection with low visibility. Our core brand is the Collision Preventing Safety Systems (COPS) - a line of intelligent systems for signalization. The COPS detects vehicles and pedestrians and its ability to issue real-time collision danger warnings can actively contribute to reducing road accidents and increasing safety on roads, at level railways, garages, houses and factories. We are the first company in the world to implement real-time alerts in this way without major interventions in existing infrastructure.

Our mission is to reduce traffic accidents with minimal intervention in infrastructure and to increase road safety in road and rail transport. Our vision is to establish active traffic signalization, which will help to increase the safety of all traffic participants. We strive to introduce and put in place new "active systems" in cities, villages, parking houses, railway crossings, that is, at all locations where there is an increased likelihood of accidents.

The crew consists of a team of highly motivated people who believe that a tiny alteration to traffic can greatly contribute to road safety.


Protecting lives is our key value, so we aim to improve traffic conditions and empower drivers with real- time information.

Energy savings

We strive to make both high quality and environmentally friendly products, therefore we place great emphasis on the development of energy savings.


Information is vital in today's world, and it is also important for drivers stuck in traffic to receive real- time information in a timely manner. With the aid of this information they can make decisions that may contribute to their safety.


We believe in the power of integration and cooperation. We are working to ensure that cooperation is part of our everyday business practice.

Awards of recognition

Both the general public and experts from different fields noticed our products. Our innovation has received numerous awards and recognitions, which gives us even greater motivation to increase the safety of our participants on our roads.

RGZC Gold Award

RGZC promotes awareness of the importance of social responsibility in Slovenia and the creation of a supportive environment for the development of socially responsible business practices.

Innovation of the Year 2010

The Žalec Municipality gives awards for the Innovation of the Year in the following categories: patents, product improvements and technological process improvements. Get in touch with us today. We would be happy to meet you and see how our knowledge and solutions can help you increase safety in your environment.

GZS Silver Award

The Chamber of Commerce and the Industry of Slovenia represent the interests of companies in the relations to the country and provides members with new opportunities for development, competitiveness and penetration into foreign markets.