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COPS@garage System

Active Traffic Signalization for Low-Visibility Garaking gre parkinga PHouses

The COPS@garage system (Collision Preventing Safety System) - A warning system for low-visibility sections in garage parking houses is a device that alerts users to the risk of impact via active signalization. The system works on the basis of microwave sensors that detect moving vehicles and warn the drivers in real time of an increased risk of collision.

This ensures that traffic in the garage parking house is safer, more fluid and more user friendly.

Positive First Responses to Pilot Placement

The COPS@garage system has already been piloted in some garage parking houses in Maribor and Ljubljana.

The modularity of the system makes it possible to adjust the complexity of sections in garage parking houses and to adjust the displayed images according to the needs and wishes of the client.


  1.     - Light signals
  2.     - Various alert levels
  3.     - Easy installation
  4.     - Reliability